Sterling Newton

Sterling Newton


You have worked extremely hard to achieve your financial success, which is why we are dedicated to our commitment to free you from the stress and burden of financial uncertainty. We want money to be a source of satisfaction rather than frustration and for you to feel in control of your money, rather than the other way around.

At Sterling Newton our mission is to “help our clients make the most of the one life they have by confidently achieving the goals each client uniquely values.  By avoiding unnecessary investment risks, we aim to reach these goals without needlessly sacrificing the lifestyles of our clients.”

Our vision at Sterling Newton “is to become a reliable source for financial assistance and advice, serving a private client base that is satisfied, informed, and free from time-consuming activities related to financial needs. We are continually improving our services by incorporating the latest investment information, technology and techniques that are continually changing throughout the world while implementing, designing and monitoring investment portfolios.”

Sterling Newton’s Private Client Group works mostly with individuals, professionals, executives and business owners, while the Institutional Group provides fiduciary services to retirement plan trustees who generally oversee plan assets between $1 million and $25 million.