Private Client:

Gold Medal Services

Advance and Protect Investment Strategy

Physician Practices and Business Owners:

We make sure the following are done:

  • Funded succession plan is in place

  • Becoming financially independent from the business

  • Identifying and retaining key people (funding)

  • Determine if an employer or employee retirement plan is required

  • Analysis of employee benefits: costs and availability

  • Provide financial education for all employees

Wealth Management Services

We help our clients manage their assets more effectively with the following action steps: (each step is reviewed, recommendations are made and once agreed upon- recommendations are implemented)

We design, implement, and monitor an investment portfolio that takes into consideration your risk level and cash flow requirements.

We review your income tax situation to make sure you are not paying unnecessary taxes on investment income and capital gains.

We review your overall insurance program (Life, Disability, LTC, and Liability) to make sure the programs are adequate, appropriate and cost effective. (includes company benefits)

We review your retirement plans to make sure you understand the tax implications and RMD rules that will apply.

We review your vesting schedules on your stock options and the plan to exercise these options

We review how to select the right college and then fund for it using tax advantaged dollars. (Business Owners: how to use your business dollar to pay for college)

We review your cash flow to insure that your assets are properly positioned to avoid outliving your money during retirement.

We review your wealth distribution plans to make sure that you have the:

  • Appropriate durable power of attorney and successor trustee of your revocable living trust in case of incapacity and we bring in the necessary experts to make it happen.
  • Appropriate gifting strategies for children and descendants
  • Appropriate charitable strategies for both tax efficiency and control: including pool of funds/private foundation, etc
  • Proper titling of assets
  • Proper executor and trustee to make sure continuity continues
  • Proper beneficiary(s) named