Wealth Management Problem/Solution


Human nature causes most people to be ineffective in planning a successful financial future. Especially, when it comes to tax planning:

  • Procrastination...we put important decisions off.
  • Wishful thinking...we don't tell ourselves the whole truth.
  • The inability to budget...see wishful thinking above.
  • Too much reliance on “past performance” to predict future outcomes.
  • The speculator inside almost every investor struggling to get out.
  • Searching for ”proof” that doesn’t exist.
  • Reactive tax planning to meet filing deadlines.

In addition to these quirks, consider the countless and constantly changing complexities of the market place, the tax code and the financial planning process itself.  When was the last time your tax guy initiated a conversation with you by saying, 'I have an idea on how to save you taxes...'? Never?  You are not alone.  

Fully, 90% of CPAs do not have the time and resources to initiate that discussion.  They fulfill a critical need, and they are largely trusted to keep you compliant and on schedule.  But we work with the other 10% who, along with us, hunt for opportunities that allow you to keep more of what you earn.  

What if I told you that most of our 51+ tax strategies were actually encouraged by the government...it's why they reside within the voluminous pages of the tax code, the pages that very few of us have time to read, let alone digest and disseminate to the most appropriate stakeholders. 

Add it all up and you will begin to see the true benefits of working with a trusted Advisor for your long-term planning needs. Even stockbrokers, attorneys, CPA’s and other professionals use the services of a financial expert to develop a coordinated financial, tax, investment and estate plan.


Safe, innovative wealth management is available to protect pass-through income as well as your assets from unforced errors in short and long-term tax liability, major market meltdowns and volatility.

It's called: Newton's Laws of Prosperity. "If your net worth is growing, it must continue to grow..."

Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Physics removed much of the fear, worry and uncertainty from the minds of the people of his day. In much the same way, Bill Newton’s Laws of Prosperity remove much of the fear, worry and uncertainty from the minds of his clients by applying his years of financial research, tax planning experience and team resources.

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