Wealth Management

Growing, Protecting and Preserving Your Wealth

Human nature causes most people to be ineffective in planning and prioritizing a successful financial future.

  • Procrastination
  • Wishful thinking
  • The inability to budget
  • Too much reliance on “past performance” to predict future outcomes
  • The speculator inside almost every investor struggling to get out
  • Searching for ”proof” that doesn’t exist

In addition to these quirks, consider the countless and constantly changing complexities of the market place that most people just don't see coming, not to mention the tax laws and the financial planning process itself. Add it all up and you will begin to see the true benefits of working with a trusted Advisor for your long-term planning needs. Even stockbrokers, attorneys, CPA’s and other professionals use the services of a financial expert to develop a coordinated financial, investment and estate plan.

Sterling Newton oversees the financial affairs of a select group of families throughout the country, and we help them grow, preserve and  protect  their wealth by identifying those financial blind spots they're unaware of…and provide personalized solutions to minimize or eliminate them altogether.

We've identified 15 of these financial blind spots that potentially can exist in anyone’s financial plan-either presently or sometime in the future- and in an average $1.5 million - $2.5 million portfolio, when left unaddressed, could result in well over $3 million of monies leaving their circle of wealth unknowingly or unnecessarily, over a single generation. These blind spots include items like:

  • Fees
  • Taxes
  • Expenses
  • Procrastination
  • Investment myths
  • No estate planning
  • College planning myths
  • Lack of cash flow modeling
  • Lack of financial organization
  • No spousal continuation plan
  • No funded business succession plan
  • Not prepared for late stage healthcare
  • Controlling the emotional roller coaster ride of investments
  • Not being properly insured: life-disability-long term care-liability
  • Current advisor is not able to provide full complement of solutions due to their compliance department

Why Sterling Newton?

Advanced planning is like a chess game.  Each piece has a distinct move, but it’s how one combines the moves that ultimately captures the King and Queen and wins the game.  An amateur chess player could not beat a professional chess player, even though he knows how each piece moves.  Our continued education and experience has led us through a myriad of chess moves, enabling us to determine over and over which moves are the best moves.  And because we take our profession seriously, we continue to learn and grow, better serving our clients.

Our clients understand that they could make many of these planning moves themselves. We include and immerse them in the process.  But they quickly realize that the insight we bring to the table offsets their annual fee investment in us many times over.  But the most important benefit that they feel we offer to them (from a survey that was conducted) is the peace of mind knowing that someone has their back and is overseeing their financial affairs through all of the financial turbulence that will take place throughout their lifetime.

Calm in the storm and safe, innovative wealth management is available to protect your assets from misdirected or unintended passage outside of your control, less than optimal tax consequences and major market meltdowns.

It's called: Newton's Laws of Prosperity.

Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Physics removed much of the fear, worry and uncertainty from the minds of the people of his day. In much the same way, Bill Newton’s Laws of Prosperity remove much of the fear, worry and uncertainty from the minds of his clients by applying his years of financial research and expertise.

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